Project starts now!!!

For a children’s book project I’m looking for (amateur) writers.

I have made many of illustrations. Illustrations of backgrounds, characters and objects. By combining the different images, you can create your own story. A similar project I did with Dutch writers. You can see the results of that under downloads.

I hereby challenge you to write a story for a children’s picture book. You may use as many or as few images as needed to support your story. An e-book will be made of every good story. Perhaps we can even find a way to publish the best Ebooks!

You can send your story to Please feel free to contact me anytime!

Combine the pictures and mention which images are used in your story. In the following example, you see what I mean:

Project starts now example

The image is built up from: back8 + fox32 + deer11

The picture sheets of backgrounds and characters where you can choose from:

Project starts now backgrounds 1

Project starts now backgrounds 2 bear illustrations deer illustrations fox illustrations mole illustrations owl illustrations polar bear kid illustrations polar bear illustrations things illustrations whale and fish illustrations


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Hi Pam,

That’s great! There is no deadline. Take the time you need to write your story.

You decide what the length of the story will be. I would not use too much text per page. The text comes on top of the illustration. If there is too much text, there is too little space for the characters.

The idea is to place the story on my website as a free ebook. On the other hand, I like to investigate whether it is possible to somehow sell every good story as an ebook. The problem is that I don’t have any experience with that (especially outside of Netherlands). So, I’m not totally sure about that yet.

Good luck with your writing!

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